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5 Resons You dont Need Full Time Agent

5 Reasons You  don’t  Need Full Time Agent to sale your House:

  1.  Agents aren’t appraisers: Agent can prepare only CMA, competitive market analysis of the neighborhood.
  2. Agents aren’t lawyers: Agents are  not legally capable to provide that legal expertise, they are not allowed to draft a sales contracts.
  3. Agents aren’t home inspectors: agent can not provide information regarding condition on the house , they only can report what the seller disclosed.
  4. Agents aren’t selling your house– it is the biggest myth- THE PRICE SALE YOUR HOUSE.
  5. You can do what an agent can: The main  service  the real estate agent provide is CONVINIENCE. All of the services they offer—finding a real estate attorney, coordinating home viewings, and so on—can be done by any homeowner willing to put in the effort.

The internet has changes real estate  , the information can be easily found on the pages of world wide web.  90% of buyers find their home online.

The only thing is not available to the sellers and buyers is REALTORS database  MLS.  It is accessible only by licensed professional: appraisers, realtors, lawyers inspector.

Information from MLS  can be transferred to public open websites like Zillow, Trulia etc.

We offer Flat Fee MLS Listing Service – Sale by Owner !  with limited agent services like access to realtors database, help with open house hosting, professional photos of the property.

Call  Kate Reddy Licensed Realtor for more information about how to sale by owner and Pay No Commission. 



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