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Tips for Open House

Sell Your Home Faster with the right music during Open House

While hosting Open Houses we have noticed that music has a power over the potential buyers.

First, it makes your house automatically stand out in the person’s memory.

Second, it created positive overall impression about the house and keeps the buyer hung out longer.

However, there is a trick. Keep the music not to loud and it has to be the right kind of music.

Also, make sure the music fits the age of the house. Try to create a sense that goes with the home. For example, with a contemporary home select something which sounds almost Zen-like.It can be found on Youtube in different variety.

If it’s an older home, we’ll want to have classical music, maybe piano and violin instruments playing.

For a house in an urban neighborhood we would recommend jazz.

It’s all about using music to prompt an emotional response in potential buyers.

Australian researchers Adrian North, Lorraine Sheridan, and Charles Areni tested this theory in 2015. A part of that study indicated that hearing music makes people want to spend more money than if tunes were not present—in other words, music adds more perceived value to the product being offered.

People’s choices during shopping for a new home can be influenced by music. Match the music to your home and let home-buyers experience comforting emotion… so they can picture themselves in the home living permanently. Music can seal the Deal!


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